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Why Blueberry Concepts?

Next to a promising product you must have a marketing which focuses on a long-term vision. This is key for a successful branding.

We at Blueberry Concepts put a strong focus on well-designed marketing strategies in order to reach your goal. The long-term definition of your target group, the optimization of your conversion rate and the increasing exposure of your brand is what gives us the drive to go down that road with you.



Focus on evergreen content and optimize your website with the necessary elements needed in order for your target group to find you.


Take advantage of search engine marketing and send “warm potential clients/leads” to your website.

Social Media Marketing and Support

3.4 billion people use social media frequently – Are you already using this massive kind of reach?

Chat Bot Marketing

Go with the times. Chat bot marketing is already growing quickly and play a big role for businesses with a big online presence.

Email Marketing

Stay connected to your clients and let them know when new deals or information is available.

Setting up a Sales Funnel and Optimization

Automate and optimize your online operations and safe time for you and for the things in life which really matter.

Why Online Marketing?

How much ROI has your last flyer campaign gave you? How many people did see your big billboard at the highway exit or heard your radio ad? How many of those people did actually buy from you and converted into profitable clients?

Offline marketing, flyers, radio ads, billboards etc., haven’t been very up-to-date for quite some time now and are getting replaced by online marketing very quickly. Where do you usually look for hotels, events, restaurants and apartments? We don’t believe that you are waiting for the right flyer to show up in your mailbox, right?

Nowadays, people are using Google for things they are interested. On Facebook you can create the most accurate target group for your business and with “insights statistics” there is an enormous amount of information about every ad you published in order to find out which one actually worked and which did not. This means you can track exactly where your money is being spend and how many leads actually happened to your website.

Don’t miss this opportunity and go with time instead of watching your competition doing it!

We offer our clients monthly or long-term guidance in online marketing.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consulting interview.



Being one step ahead is crucial in the times we are living in today and this is exactly what Blueberry Concepts is – ahead.

They are not just the next agency in the pond but more like a hand which leads you through the jungle of social media and online marketing. The best thing – they actually create the content you need in order to succeed while implementing their know-how of modern marketing strategies. Marketing is a long-term game and that is what they understand.

Steven Zuber, Co-Founder Ground Amava

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